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Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

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Rishikesh to Rishikesh


8 Days



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The Gaumukh Tapovan trek is more of a voyage than a simple trek. Not only is it a sacred place and a pilgrimage through a holy area brimming with legends at every turn, but it is also the origins of the Ganga, a powerful river that is nourishes a whole nation with its sacred spirit and raw might along its own 2,700-kilometer trip.

It is said that this mighty river begins its sweeping journey in Gomukh, which is also its mouth.There is an independent importance to tapovan. Spiritual yogis continue to choose this location for long-term meditation despite the challenging altitude because of the magnetic energy it exudes from being at the base of some of the most revered and formidable mountains in the Garhwal range. These mountains have a unique place in our ancient mythology. Mount Shivling and Mount Kedar Dome, two of the most challenging peaks in the Garhwal Range of Himalayas, both begin at this location. 

This trek begins in the sacred mountain hamlet of Gangotri and winds its way through a breathtaking variety of scenery, from the verdant woods of Chirbasa to the vast, open fields of Tapovan. Embark on a journey into the Greater Himalayas as you wind your way through Gangotri National Park. At an elevation of 4,463 metres, you will be able to take in breathtaking scenery and see Shivling and the Bhagirathi sisters in all their glory. With an unimpeded and awe-inspiring vista, you can feel the full might of these mountains as they climb from foot to summit. Moreover, it is a seldom-visited path, so its splendour is best enjoyed by the fortunate few who manage to reach it.

 The months of April through June, just before the monsoon season, and September and October, just after the monsoon season, are ideal for this walk. For additional details about the walk, keep scrolling down this page.

Complete Itinerary

Prepare to leave Rishikesh in the wee hours of the morning, at 6 o'clock. The 265 km to Gangotri will make the day longer. An amazing eight hours of riding in majestic mountain scenery awaits you. In order to reach Gangotri by dusk, we set off early in the morning. The world-famous Kashi Vishwanath temple is located in Uttarkashi, often known as the "Kashi of the north," which is situated on the banks of the Bhagirathi River. With all the temples and devout people around, this lovely village will make you feel like you've stepped into a holy realm. The picturesque hamlet of Harshil is reached by following the Bhagirathi River. You can't help but feel at peace in Harshil because to its abundance of picturesque apple orchards. For a peaceful evening in the mountains, Harshil is the place to go. A lengthy journey to Gangotri is nevertheless one of those things you'd rather not finish. Gangotri is a popular pilgrimage site on the banks of the Bhagirathi River. Thanks to the reliable network, you may freely explore the local market, chat with friendly locals, and send breathtaking photos to your friends. While you sleep at the guest house, have a delicious prepared meal.

Get a head start on the day with breakfast and bask in the spiritual energy of the faith. Gangotri is a paradise for adventurers and spiritual seekers alike, and the surrounding area is electric with spiritual energy. You should begin to acclimatise today as you have arrived at an elevation of 10171 feet. To help your body adjust to the low temperatures and new surroundings, acclimatisation is like taking a vitamin. Since acclimatisation is a critical factor in a trek's success, we take it very seriously at TTH. While you're here in Gangotri, one of the four Char Dhams, take nighttime acclimatisation walks throughout the area and enjoy everything that this holy site has to offer. The largest temple constructed during the 18th century is the Gangotri temple. In addition, you may discover the sacred rock of BhagirathShila, where King Bhagirath adored Lord Shiva, and the resting place of the Pandavas in Pandava Gufa. Hot springs Surya Kund and Gaurikund are also open to the public; they are situated on opposite sides of an iron bridge close to the temple.

Eat a hearty meal and be ready to go across the mountains. Our journey to the Chirbasa campground begins bright and early from Gangotri. Beginning at a forest check point, hikers may get their permits verified before continuing down the route that skirts the mountain's left flank. While you stroll along the babbling Bhagirathi River, you'll pass pine trees. It will be a leisurely four to five hour walk with gentle climbs. You may fill up your water bottles at the many waterfalls and natural streams you'll encounter. The stunning Sudarshan Parbat (21,345 ft) will be at your side the whole way. Gangotri National Park will serve as the backdrop for the whole hike. An lovely panorama of the valley awaits you once you over the third hill of your walk. All it takes to relax is a whiff of the blue pine or fir tree scent. Recharge with a delicious meal. Spend a relaxing evening taking in the sights and sounds of the Bhagirathi River as you go on an acclimatisation hike. Spending the night in tents will add an extra element of adventure to the day. Undoubtedly, alongside a rushing river, among towering mountain peaks, behind a canopy of pine trees.

Get ready to trek again after waking up to the breathtaking glowing sights of the sun's rays reflecting off the mountain summits. This moderately challenging walk will take around two to three hours to complete. Views of the Bhagirathi peaks are becoming closer as the route expands. Some parts of the landslip will be easier to walk on than others. The first stretch of the ridge will be reached about 45 minutes into the walk, and the Bhagirathi range of peaks will gradually get closer as you continue going. A boulder-filled, landslide-prone terrain with a stream crossing your route will soon be ahead of you. Be careful of falling boulders as you continue down this ridge; there are eight or nine more bends that might cause a landslip. At Bhojwassa, after the hike, you'll notice a bridge over a creek and flat land where your tents will be set up. Spend the day lounging around the campground after lunch. Either take a picture of the beautiful camping area or climb 300 metres above the Bhojwasa campground for a breathtaking panorama of the valley. Lounge warmly in your tent on this chilly night.

The journey from Bhojwasa to Tapovan is scheduled for today. The walk is 9 km long, so fuel up on food, prepare a picnic, fill up your water bottles (there are none along the way), bring energy bars, and be ready for adventure. The Bhagirathi River will be our destination after a half-kilometer trek that we will begin first thing in the morning. Over the river, over a bridge that must be pushed by hand, we must go in order to reach the Tapovan. In mountainous areas without bridges, this is a common way to cross rivers, and it is also an exciting and unusual experience. Be patient; it will take the whole batch almost an hour to cross the river on a tram. Getting some peace and quiet at Tapovan is just what you need after a long walk. Enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the Gaumukh Glacier as you see free-roaming mountain goats. After a long and eventful day, unwind in the comfort of your tent.

To make the most of your time at the Gaumukh Glacier, you should wake up early and enjoy your final minutes in the presence of the world-famous mountains as they reflect the morning light. As if emanating its natural beauty, Mt. Shivling is now more beautiful than ever before. As a whole, they are quite a sight to see. After breakfast, it's time to bring back these memories. Since there are no running water sources, you should bring along enough water and food for a picnic. Continue your descent down the Bhagirathi River after a difficult ascent to Gaumukh. Returning to the same pine trees awaits you after a five- to six-hour hike to Bhojwasa. We will set up camp here again tonight and then go back to Gangotri the next day.

It dawns on you as you wake up that this is the final day of your adventure. Walk the fourteen km to Gangotri, which should take you six or seven hours. As you approach the valley's end, you'll once again enter Gangotri National Park. Refill your water bottle by catching upstreams and waterfalls, but be careful with the rockfall portion again. The Bhagirathi and other mountain peaks will no longer be visible, so you may say farewell to them. The guest home provides cooked meals for lunch and supper. Get ready to go back to Dehradun and, eventually, your beautiful houses.

Take one last sip of morning tea on the majestic Gangotri plateau. Gather all of your recollections while bidding farewell to your fellow hikers. Get into the vehicle that will take you back to Rishikesh after you take a beautiful group photo. The journey will take eight hours and pass through mountain ranges, valleys, and the Bhagirathi River. Throughout the hike, the river served as our guide. By 6 PM, you will have arrived in Rishikesh. From here, you may proceed with your return travel according to your plan. We wish you a lifetime of unforgettable mountain adventures and the promise of returning to this breathtaking landscape.

Inclusion & Exclusion

Transportation between Rishikesh to Rishikesh, beginning with pick-up on Day 1 and ending with drop on last day.

Every meal is vegetarian (sometimes eggs will also be served), beginning with breakfast on day one and continuing through lunch on last day.

Staff consisting of a professional guide, a chef, and support team.

Equipment for camping, such as stools, toilet seats, and other seats, sleeping bags, crampons

Fees required to enter the forest.

Tented accommodation throughout the trek, with guests sharing tents in twin-person ratios.

Medical kits

All necessary permits


Support from a porter and a mule to carry one’s personal belongings. Porter/mule costs for personal baggage* per bag per person INR 300 per day.

Transportation from your hometown to rishikesh and back

Personal costs like tips, foods from stalls, phone calls, etc.

Any costs that are incurred as a result of unanticipated occurrences such as adverse weather, obstacles, medical evacuation, etc.

Things to Carry

Government issues Id Card




Rain gears

Bag rain cover

Woolen and Sun cap




Personal first aid kit and medicines

Waterproof Trekking shoes (can be available for rent also*)

Fleece and Down Jacket

Waterproof gloves

Trek pants

Warm socks

Water bottle

Sunscreen and body lotion

Lip balm

Person Toiletries


Power Bank



Tissue paper and Wet Wipes


The best time to visit or book Gaumukh Tapovan trek package is April to June & September to November.

Gaumukh Tapovan Trek is suitable for both beginners and experienced trekkers. Any age group from 10 to 17 is good to apply for a first-time trekking experience. Adults and seniors should carry doctors' notes for their fitness requirements for the journey. They should be fit enough to cover a 4 km distance in 30 minutes and should be able to carry at least a 10 kg backpack.

Temperature is generally 3-15 degree Celsius in day time -3 to -7 degree Celsius in night time.

Why Choose Us

➫ Safety

The group of highly skilled and experienced guides at Unicersal Camper is here to ensure that your trek is as risk-free and trouble-free as is humanly feasible. Every single one of our guides has a medical degree and a wealth of experience putting their education to use in mountainous situations.

➫ Expert Team

The members of our team and guides are the foremost experts in their particular ecosystems. Every guide offers a one-of-a-kind blend of years of expertise in both trekking field and providing services to guests.

➫ Comfort Stay

We make sure that your time on the journey is as pleasant as possible. Tents and sleeping bags are supplied, and guests may choose to share with a partner or three others. Camping gear, including tents and sleeping bags, is always spotless.

➫ Customized Trekking

Today, time is of the essence, and we recognise that you may not be able to modify your schedule to match ours. No need to worry about it; we can create a custom trip for you in which you choose the dates, the route, and the other participants.

➫ Cooked and Hygienic Food

During the journey, the staff from Universal Camper will ensure your safety and provide you with healthy and cooked meals. When it comes to tasty cuisine, they will not settle for second best. Every time you order, you can be certain that you’ll be served with clean, well washed cutlery.

➫ Value for Money

Not only do we provide competitive pricing to our clients but we also take into account the greatest possible variety of options and adaptability in our deliberations. In addition, Our Company offers a safe payment system that alleviates the anxiety and inconvenience associated with travelling by giving simple payment alternatives. These possibilities include credit as well as bank-to-bank transfers and upi payments.

Package Details

Per Person


Rishikesh to Rishikesh

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