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Stok Kangri Trek

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Stok Kangri Trek is a prominent peak among trekkers, soaring to 20,100 ft. It towers higher than Mt. Elbrus in Europe (18,510 ft) and Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa (19,340 ft), making it one of the most impressive mountains in the world. This majestic summit is a true testament to India’s natural beauty, providing an unforgettable outdoor experience. Get our affordable trek packages.

The main difficulty of the Stok Kangri trek is the summit day, which involves a long, tiring.

hike in below-zero temperatures and walk on a glacier for several hours during the night, followed by a couple of hours on the ridge to reach the peak. Although no technical skills are necessary, it is unsuitable for novice hikers.

Reaching the summit of Stok Kangri is a rewarding experience that will stay with you forever, and the picturesque views make an effort worthwhile. Standing atop the Stok Summit offers a fantastic view of the Karakoram and Zanskar ranges.

A Stok Kangri expedition is an unforgettable experience and a dream come true for any serious trekker. Keep reading for more information on the Stok Kangri trek route map, complete schedule, temperature and weather conditions, photographs, videos, and reviews. Read the Stok Kangri trek blogs at the end. Explore our holiday attractions – Har Ki Dun, Ruinsara Lake Trek, Kedartal Trek, Humpta Pass Trek, Stok Kangri Trek and many more.

Complete Itinerary

The beginning of the thrilling journey to Stok Kangri is at Leh. Buses and aircraft both provide access to Leh from the nation's capital, which is located in Delhi. If you are taking the road trip route, you will start your journey to Leh once you have reached either Manali or Srinagar. Rather of driving from New Delhi to Leh, taking a flight would be the most efficient use of your time and resources since it would get you there far faster. As soon as you arrive in Leh, take some time to enjoy the clean air and relax, since it will take some time for your body to adjust to the new climate.

Your second day of travel is set aside for you to do some sightseeing and get used to the climate in Leh as you acclimatise. The town of Leh has a rich cultural history and is home to a number of important historical sites. Visit one of the town's many monasteries, or sample some regional specialties at one of the town's many modest eateries, which are located all over the place. It is possible to spend a whole day in Leh seeing some of the city's most famous attractions. In Leh, one may choose from a variety of hotels that are offered at prices that are affordable. Spend the night in Leh, have a good night's sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed since the beginning of the actual journey is only around the corner.

It is common knowledge that the hiking routes in and around Leh are among the most difficult and fascinating in the world. After the start of the third day, you will be transported to Stok Village. The trip from Leh to Stok Village is an amazing one all the way through. After leaving Leh, you will travel through a number of stunningly beautiful landscapes on your way to your destination, many of which will include tall, verdant trees. It is possible that the roads may get more rough as you go closer to Stok Village, but this should be of little worry since the weather during the summer is often quite pleasant. The newly crowned King of Ladakh now makes his home at the Royal Palace, which is also located in the Stok Village. There is a tiny museum located within the Royal Palace that is home to a number of antique and religious relics. The Royal Palace is an incredible destination for tourists to check out. As soon as you make it to Stok Village, you should be ready to go on the journey to Chang Ma. Due to the presence of so much snow, the journey to Chang Ma may be rather perilous at times. This snow walk, however, would be much more enjoyable for you if your guide helped you through it. A place to stay for the night would be provided here. You could have supper in one of the tents that have been put up in an open area, and then you could retire for the day.

After spending at least three days acclimatising with the climate, you will start the Stok Kangri trek gradually on days four and five of the journey. Ladakh is characterised by desolate and dreary terrain, which is traversed by hikers on the way from Chang Ma to Mankorma. Along the trip, you will get a taste of the true beauty that Ladakh has to offer, as well as an understanding of why Ladakh is often referred to as a chilly desert. You will have to ford two or three smaller creeks on your way to Mankorma, but other than that, the hike is mostly just a stroll along the river. Tents are used for overnight accommodations here.

The hike back to base camp should ideally take no more than a couple hours. The base camp is located in a breathtaking location, offering breathtaking vistas of the adjacent mountains and the lush vegetation that surrounds it.

You may take a trip to the higher regions of the campground and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area, or you can visit one of the neighbouring lakes or water streams where you can swim in ice-cold water. The area also boasts a number of lakes. In addition, the adjacent region offers a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding mountains, including Gulap Kangri, Parcha Kangri, and others.

Aside from that, the base camp is a pleasant site that is located in a grassy area, and it is there that you will be able to rest and recuperate in preparation for the hike the following day. You are going to need to do some more acclimatisation here because as the trip continues, the air will grow thinner and you are going to see significant shifts in the weather over the next several days. Tents would be set up at the base camp for the night of Day 5, which would be spent there. Be sure to bring along a sufficient amount of warm clothing to combat the dropping weather.

This day will be rather simple in terms of hiking, but it will not be spent fully relaxing. On day 6, you go out to get acquainted with your surroundings by exploring the areas immediately around you.

The future journey will be full with obstacles, and you need to be sure that you are ready to overcome them before you set off. The leader of the walk will supply you with all of the required information about the various variations in the terrain and will guide you throughout the whole experience. Because the hiking path might be dangerous at times, you will need as much knowledge and expertise as you can get your hands on.

After a certain point in the voyage, you will be required to go through snow that is gradually becoming deeper. There may be instances in which the snow would be so deep that your legs would sink up to your knees. For this reason, it is necessary to have a solid understanding of the conditions that surround you so that you can respond appropriately to challenging circumstances. Make an effort to get some rest today since you will start the last part of your trip tomorrow, therefore it is important that you do so. You would spend the night in tents once again, and by this point, you would have a good understanding of what the weather is like in this location both during the day and at night.

The day has come at last when you go on the most exciting part of the adventure that you have been on. The journey that we would be doing today would be the most challenging as well as the most unforgettable one. The hiking trail takes you up steep slopes and through glaciers, which ultimately leads you to the ridge that encircles the top.

This walk is far longer than the ones you've done in the past, so you'll need to make sure you're both physically and mentally prepared for it. It would take an average climber anywhere between 9 and 10 hours to do the whole journey, but a sluggish climber may perhaps need an extra 2 to 3 hours to finish it.

After setting off on your adventure, you would make it to the top of the ridge in a matter of a couple of hours at most. You'll get the impression that you're a monarch looking out over his domain from the balcony of his palace if you stand on the peak and take in the view of the mountains in the surrounding area. You may get some breathtaking views of the Zanskar Ranges to the south and the Karakoram Ranges to the north of you. Saser Kangri Peak is also in your line of sight. Because you are going to be travelling back to your base camp in a few hours, you should make the most of the time that you have while you are on the summit. Once you have arrived at the base camp, take the rest of the day to unwind, savour your meal, and then retire to your tent for a restful night's sleep.

This day would be the first step towards the completion of your trip. On the eighth day, all of these previous days spent adventuring across the mountains, braving the harsh conditions, overcoming obstacles, and accumulating experience come to an end. Get one last look at the magnificent snow-capped peaks and the untouched beauty of this region before you leave it behind forever. You get an early start from the Base camp and make your way to Leh as the day draws closer.

Take extra precautions when descending, since hiking downhill may be just as difficult and tough as hiking upwards at times. You won't be able to avoid walking till you reach Stok Village. You will now be transported all the way to Leh from Stok Village, which is where the hiking comes to a close. As you make your way back to Leh, you may find yourself reflecting on the incredible experiences that have transpired over the course of the last eight days.

Inclusion & Exclusion

• Transportation between Leh and Leh, beginning with pick-up on Day 1 and ending with drop on last day.

Every meal is vegetarian (sometimes eggs will also be served), beginning with breakfast on day one and continuing through lunch on last day.

Staff consisting of a professional guide, a chef, and support team.

Equipment for camping, such as stools, toilet seats, and other seats, sleeping bags, crampons

Fees required to enter the forest.

Tented accommodation throughout the trek, with guests sharing tents in twin-person ratios.

Medical kits

All necessary permits


Support from a porter and a mule to carry one’s personal belongings. Porter/mule costs for personal baggage* per bag per person INR 300 per day.

• Transportation from your hometown to Leh and back

Personal costs like tips, foods from stalls, phone calls, etc.

Any costs that are incurred as a result of unanticipated occurrences such as adverse weather, obstacles, medical evacuation, etc.

Things to Carry

Government issues Id Card




Rain gears

Bag rain cover

Woolen and Sun cap




Personal first aid kit and medicines

Waterproof Trekking shoes (can be available for rent also*)

Fleece and Down Jacket

Waterproof gloves

Trek pants

Warm socks

Water bottle

Sunscreen and body lotion

Lip balm

Person Toiletries


Power Bank



Tissue paper and Wet Wipes


The best time to visit or book Stok Kangri Expedition package is May and October.

Stok Kangri Expedition is suitable for experienced trekkers. Adults and seniors should carry doctors' notes for their fitness requirements for the journey. They should be fit enough to cover a 4 km distance in 30 minutes and should be able to carry at least a 10 kg backpack.

Temperature is generally between 10 to 30 degree in summers and 10 to -30 degree in winters.

Why Choose Us

➫ Safety

The group of highly skilled and experienced guides at Unicersal Camper is here to ensure that your trek is as risk-free and trouble-free as is humanly feasible. Every single one of our guides has a medical degree and a wealth of experience putting their education to use in mountainous situations.

➫ Expert Team

The members of our team and guides are the foremost experts in their particular ecosystems. Every guide offers a one-of-a-kind blend of years of expertise in both trekking field and providing services to guests.

➫ Comfort Stay

We make sure that your time on the journey is as pleasant as possible. Tents and sleeping bags are supplied, and guests may choose to share with a partner or three others. Camping gear, including tents and sleeping bags, is always spotless.

➫ Customized Trekking

Today, time is of the essence, and we recognise that you may not be able to modify your schedule to match ours. No need to worry about it; we can create a custom trip for you in which you choose the dates, the route, and the other participants.

➫ Cooked and Hygienic Food

During the journey, the staff from Universal Camper will ensure your safety and provide you with healthy and cooked meals. When it comes to tasty cuisine, they will not settle for second best. Every time you order, you can be certain that you’ll be served with clean, well washed cutlery.

➫ Value for Money

Not only do we provide competitive pricing to our clients but we also take into account the greatest possible variety of options and adaptability in our deliberations. In addition, Our Company offers a safe payment system that alleviates the anxiety and inconvenience associated with travelling by giving simple payment alternatives. These possibilities include credit as well as bank-to-bank transfers and upi payments.

Package Details

Per Person


Leh to Leh

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